How To Optimize your Blog for Voice Search

We already know about the dramatic impact of Voice search in Search Engine Optimization(SEO).Voice Search gave different direction and shape to the SEO industry. But at the same time, it makes more convenient for the users too.
No more typing at all! Sounds Great?And this boom continues and growing since 2014 when the voice search Siri came into the limelight. And later on, we know how Google Now came into the business too with a bang.
Everyone from digital Marketers, SEO Experts and Entrepreneur are well versed, the impact could be done by the voice search on SEO.
The rise is unstoppable, and it’s quite wise that you start thinking of optimizing your blog for voice search.And voice search tends to have some incredibly useful tools by 2020. And moreover, it’s predicted that 50 percent searches will be only the voice searches as of 2020.
So, this gets quite clear now, voice searches are not a temporary trend or choice. In fact, it is here to stay.Everyone, including SEO experts, Digital Marketers suggest by going with it.
And it is the primary SEO focus in 2017. It should be done if one is looking for some effective and favorable results going further.There could be many circumstances when are not able to type from your mobile keypad or even don’t want to.

Effective ways to Optimize your blog for voice search

Though now things get cleared, so it makes sense to apply it to your blog.Now the question is What are the things which we should do make your web pages well optimized for voice search.There are few things to concentrate on,Use Question Phrases in your Content
Generally, a human performs a voice search he/she start with the question. Integrating questions phrases in your content would deliver better results.Saying question phrases means the keywords should start with, what, when, why, how, who etc.

Where can I find best leather shoe shop in India?

What is the best business to start in India?

How do I develop my programming skills in java?

How to drive free traffic to your website?

And so on, choose the keywords according to your requirement and some question phrases by keeping a human physiology in mind.

How you will be asking about something to some one. Just think like a casual conversation we have in our daily life.
As you can see in the above chart the searches percentage with the question phrases.A question starts with Who has 135% of searches. So doA question starts with Who has 135% of searches. So do the rest when, where, why how follows.And overall queries start with a question is having 60% and that is a huge number.

User Intent

Understanding the user intent would be the key to voice search optimization.Saying user intent means, we need to understand how a human(we all) finds a query.What do we do when we are looking for something on the web.
What do we do when we are looking for something on the web. What are the phrases we use to for a particular thing?
Generally, we speak more than we write on.
It’s more like a conversation searches. Just as we are talking to someone.
So it’s quite definite that there is no much scope for the two words or three words searches.