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Norton’s security programs come with several user licenses, and because both Deluxe and Premium are compatible with mobile devices, you can use these licenses to protect all your home devices. Norton Security Deluxe comes with a minimum of five licenses while Premium comes with 10.

Norton Security Deluxe protect several devices at once, including smartphones and tablets. Norton earned a good score for malware protection, but some threats snuck by even after Norton told us they had been stopped. These were found later using Norton’s virus scan and the threats were permanently deleted. Both of Norton’s security suites include a personal firewall and parental controls. You also get Norton’s 100 percent virus protection guarantee.

Both programs scan your entire computer for vulnerable points. For example, outdated software can leave your system open to ransomware and hackers, so these security applications find programs that need to be updated and prompt you to download the latest versions. Both Deluxe and Premium include a firewall and tools that scan your emails, instant messages and USB drives to head off any potential attacks. Norton also offers a protection guarantee with its software – if your computer gets infected by a virus, the company connects to your system remotely and helps restore your computer. And if it can’t, Norton refunds your money.


  1. Provides protection against: viruses, spyware and trojans and phishing.
  2. Reliable data protection against cybercrime at home: Norton antivirus & firewall software provides security and protection against malware and viruses for up to 5 PCs, Macs, smartphones & tablets.
  3. By utilising one of the world’s largest global civilian intelligence networks, Norton spots threats faster and helps protect your finances, privacy and personal information every time you go online.
  4. Fast and resource-saving antivirus technology with automatic updates / Upgrade your anti-virus software easily without a new subscription for even more protection on more devices.
  5. Easily understandable and end-user friendly thanks to improved user interface / To install the virus scanner, simply download it from the Norton website and unlock it with the activation code.
  6. Including free support (telephone and chat) and a 60 day money back guarantee (terms apply) / Helps you to manage protection for all of your devices through a user friendly web portal.

Norton Security Deluxe includes protection for PC and Mac to provide security protection for Windows and OS X based computers. It also includes Norton Mobile Security product which covers Android and iOS based tablets and smartphones.Helps protect your PC, Mac®, Android™ and iOS devices with a single subscription. Helps provide real-time protection against existing and emerging malware including ransomware and viruses. Advanced security helps protect your private and financial information when you go online.

Norton Security Deluxe provides protection for the multi-device, on-the-go, way you live today. You pay your bills on your smart phone, shop on your tablet, save important financial information on your laptop – and need to protect your identity and data from viruses, online scams and threats. Norton Security Deluxe Protects up to 5 of your devices – PCs, Macs, smart phones, or tablets with a single subscription.


Security Features

Norton Security Deluxe’s firewall automatically adjusts its settings, but can also be manually controlled. Most of the package’s other defenses can’t be. For instance, neither Auto-Protect (a real-time monitor), nor Intrusion Prevention (for network protection) are adjustable.

Norton’s password manager is called Identity Safe, which is a free download from Symantec’s site but is also fully integrated into all editions of Norton Security except the Mac versions. You’ll need to create a “master” password, and there’s a built-in password generator, but if the master password is lost or forgotten, Norton can’t recover it. (That’s not a drawback, as it also means hackers can’t steal the master password.) Identity Safe stores an unlimited number of encrypted passwords in what Norton calls its Vault. The Premium subscription let you store up to 25GB of additional files in the Vault.

However, Norton Security Deluxe lacks many features that its competitors offer. We’ve already noted that there are no parental controls, a striking omission as every other mid-priced antivirus package has them. But there’s also nothing unique akin to Kaspersky Internet Security’s Webcam protection, or Bitdefender Internet Security’s ability to pre-emptively immunize files against encrypting ransomware.

None of the Norton Security packages include a hardened browser for online banking and shopping, or an on-screen virtual keyboard to thwart keylogging software — two features that some competing brands include in low-priced packages. Norton reserves its file shredder for the separate $50 Norton Utilities package.


Norton 360 Standard

Norton 360 Standard


Performance Optimization

Norton Security Deluxe does have a performance section with several utilities, such as a disk defragmenter, a feature to clean up Windows Temp files and a Startup Manager that suggests “delaying” certain programs to boot the system more quickly. There’s a nice Graphs section, but it only shows processor statistics, not disk or network performance. It does show historical downloads, installations, optimizations and other key events.

If your system gets so burdened with malware and other unwanted programs that it grinds to a halt, Norton has two approaches, both of which are also available free online.

The Power Eraser scan can ferret out deeply embedded exploits as well as adware, but because it needs to check for rootkit malware, you’ll need to restart the system. If Power Eraser doesn’t work, you can use the company’s downloadable Bootable Recovery Tool, akin to other companies’ Rescue Disks, to independently boot the computer to clean the Windows system.

Performance and System Impact

As with all the other recently evaluated antivirus products, we tested Norton Security Deluxe on an ASUS X555LA notebook running Windows 8.1 with an Intel Core i3 processor, 6GB of RAM and 36GB of files on the 500GB hard drive.

With Norton Security Deluxe installed, but no active scans running, our OpenOffice benchmark test matched 20,000 names and addresses on a spreadsheet in 6 minutes and 50 seconds. That’s just two seconds, or 0.4 percent, longer than the baseline without any antivirus software installed – a very light “passive” impact score, albeit one shared with ESET Smart Security, McAfee Internet Security and Trend Micro Internet Security.

Norton Security Deluxe took 39 minutes and 36 seconds to perform its first scan, during which it indexed our system. The full-scan time dropped to 16:29 by the third full scan, during which Norton went from scanning 371,306 files to looking at 281,363 items. That’s about three minutes shorter than the full scans of McAfee or Kaspersky Internet Security, but more than an hour less than Bitdefender Internet Security’s very slow (but light-impact) scanner.

  • Fast and Lightweight.
  • Super-fast drive scan time.
  • Includes spyware protection.
  • Minimal performance impact during gaming or movie playback.
  • FREE 24/7 support for every customer through email/chat/phone.
  • Norton Security Deluxe provides complete antivirus and malware protection.
  • Total protection for a single device: a PC, Mac, Android or iOS smartphones or tablet.
  • Detects and defends against Internet threats.
  • Safeguards your identity and privacy.
  • Helps protect your home network with a smart firewall.
  • Easy-to-use Web portal to manage your devices.

Norton 360 Deluxe gives you comprehensive malware protection for up to 5 PCs, Macs, Android or iOS devices, including 50GB of secure cloud backup for PC and Secure VPN for your device.

Norton includes impressive parental controls with both its Deluxe and Premium security suites. These controls help you block inappropriate content with 47 preset internet filter categories like pornography, violence, alcohol and gaming sites. You also have time control to restrict when and how long your child has internet access, even on their mobile device.