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Norton nu16 utility is used to protect the systems with advanced options of cyber protection and help the users to enhance their system’s productivity. The features and custom options of make it the users first preference and also the process of download utility is very easy to go with this version of the Norton software.


The Norton nu16 utility and other utilities only available for the windows systems. You can find the Norton utilities on the where you can easily find the version as per your system preferences.

For outstanding cyber protection of the systems everybody needs to remember only one name – Norton Internet Security. The cyber security protection provided by Norton supports all devices and Norton adds the advanced features of protection to ensures that user’s data keep under the eye of the protectors. The software delivers the custom options of the settings to make sure users can customize the software settings as per their system specifications and configurations.

Norton software is the high sophisticated protection providers keep the systems away from viruses and protect the system’s sensitive data from online hackers. Also the downloading and installation process of the norton utility is straightforward. You can find the norton setup from the and can start the downloading process by following the mentioned steps of the download Norton setup. Norton utility Norton nu16 is one of the best Norton products to protect the systems from harms.

Norton nu16 features & advanced options

The Norton utility Norton nu16 carries the advanced features of Norton antivirus protection and provide the custom settings to ensures that users can make the software settings as per their preferences.

Have a look on the advanced Norton nu16 features:

  1. The Norton utility carries the powerful antivirus modules to provide the security on real-time activities. And it also alerts the users about the suspicious URL of the web.
  2. It is also have the firewalls to protect the system’s sensitive data and keep the systems productivity enhanced by clearing the junk from users system.
  3. Anti-spam modules blocks the spams emails, URLs and more files which can harms your PCs sensitive information.
  4. Identity and data security feature make the Norton highly demanded cyber protection software.
  5. It has the internal in-build computing speed optimization tool to keep the system’s productivity up-to-date.
  6. The automatic lock system help the users, in case of the system hacked. Then the software lock the system and erase all the sensitive data from the user PC to keep it protected from the hackers.


Steps to Download Norton utility Or Norton nu16 from

To download Norton nu16 you don’t need do extra efforts. Which means downloading the Norton utility is only needs one step to go.

  • Open your web browser from where you need to download the Norton setup of utility (For downloading purpose wired connection of the internet recommended for fast downloading).
  • Paste the Norton utility link and click on enter button.
  • Downloading process starts with one go of enter. Now sit back and relax till the Norton setup downloaded for proceeding further steps

You can find the setup in your system’s download folder. Where you have to use the administrative files to run the installation process.

Steps to Install norton utility Norton nu16

To install Norton setup , you need to visit your system download folder where you will find the setup of installation. Follow the below steps to complete the installation process:

  1. Double click on the setup files to run the process. And then it asks you to agree with the terms and condition of the software.
  2. Read the terms and condition carefully and then if you are agree then click on the I Agree checkbox and then next to start the installation process.
  3. Keep choosing your preferable options and clicking on next button, till when the installation process reached at its process of installation last step.
  4. Then wait for some time till the process reached at finish point. After the installation first the software asks you to login using your set username & password if you are the existing users. And if you don’t have account them click on create an account.
  5. Fill the information and click on submit button. It prompt you to verify your account using chosen email id.
  6. Open the received email and click on verify now links. It redirects you on the homepage of the Norton software.
  7. Choose the trial version of the software to starts to protection.

On the last step, the pop-up asks you to start the scanning process of the system instantly. It is upto you to that you want to start scanning process that time or need to choose it for later.

Steps to Activate norton utility Norton nu16

When you choose the trial version of the Norton then it limits your usage and time. If you want to continue you good experience with Norton and aware about cyber harms then you must have to activate your software. For activation process you need to buy the Norton activation code which you can buy online or offline.

  1. Open the pre-installed software in your system. And on the main window you will find an option of Activate Now! Click on that options.
  2. It redirects you on the official website of the Norton find the activation option.
  3. You need to fill a form, on which is asks your email id and activation code you have purchased from online and offline store.
  4. Fill the required information and click on the submit button. And then verify your email id.

Congratulation! Now you are the Norton Nu16 Subscribers and can use it for protecting you systems.
If you want more products of Norton then you can find the more Norton setups as per system specifications on and can easily download it from there.


How do I convert my trial version of Norton Utilities to the full version (Online)?

If you have not activated your product, you will receive an activation alert regularly until you activate the product. Product activation reduces software piracy and ensures that you use authentic Symantec software.
The easiest method to convert your trial version to the full version of Norton Utilities is by clicking the Activate Now button in the Dashboard window. You can then click Purchase to the purchase a Norton Utilities activation code from the Symantec Web site.

To purchase a Norton Utilities activation code (Online)

  • In the Norton Utilities main window, click Activate Now.
  • In the window that appears, click Purchase to purchase a Norton Utilities activation code from the Symantec Web site.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase a Norton Utilities activation code.

Activating Norton Utilities

After you have purchased your activation code, you can use the Activate Now button in Dashboard window to activate the product. You can use the Activate Now window to enter your name, email address, and the activation code and click Activate Now to send your details for validation.

To Activate Norton Utilities

  • In the Norton Utilities main window, click Activate Now.
  • In the window that appears, enter your name, email address, and the activation code and click Activate Now to send your details for validation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your product.

What are the different tabs under Norton Utilities and what do they do?

The different tabs under Norton Utilities cover the main functions of Norton Utilities categorized into meaningful sections.
Following are the five tabs in Norton Utilities:


The Dashboard is displayed automatically when you first open Norton Utilities. It provides you with a snapshot of your system’s health, performance, and privacy information, your subscription status along with recommended actions and an easy way to perform 1-Click Optimization of your system.


The Performance tab provides access to a series of functions which are geared to help improve the performance and stability of your system.

You can use the following options in the Performance tab:

  1. Clean Your Registry
  2. Compact Your Registry
  3. De-fragment Disks
  4. Optimize Windows
  5. Boost Your Windows Startup


This tab provides access to a series of functions geared towards protecting your system’s privacy:

  1. Clean Your Windows History
  2. Clean Your Browsing History
  3. Clear Your Third-Party Software Traces
  4. Bleach Disks
  5. Shred Files


You can use the following options in the Recovery tab:

  1. Recover Lost Files
  2. Find Duplicate Files
  3. Repair Drives
  4. Restore Registry Backups
  5. Uninstall Unused Software


The Settings tab provides access to the different settings categories within Norton Utilities which enable you to configure and customize options in a manner that best works for you.

Settings are divided into the following Settings categories :

  1. General: Configure the 1-Click Optimization behavior and your language settings.
  2. Registry: Configure the registry scan functions.
  3. Privacy: Configure the privacy scan functions.
  4. Shredder: Configure the shred files function.
  5. UnErase: Configure the recovery and restore functions.
  6. Uninstaller: Remove any unused software safely.
  7. Smart Defrag: Schedule the defragmentation check to occur at a time that you specify.
  8. Scheduler: Schedule the scan function.